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I have just published my first book with approachable concepts you can use to avoid losses, dodge taxes, and gain permission to spend in retirement.  Get your copy today!  And if you're already prepared to speak with someone for help, please reach out and I can connect you with my nation-wide network of trusted friends and professionals.



Tom has spent the entirety of his career positioning whole life insurance and competing against its alternatives. Starting in college as an award-winning advisor with Northwestern Mutual before moving his practice to MassMutual, he subsequently grew his career in prominent home office roles in sales and marketing leadership. He has been a well known storyteller at perennial company conferences and firm meetings nation-wide, while most recently rejoining the field to drive organizational growth and inspire a cultural shift.Whole life insurance is the Best Kept Secret in financial planning.

Throughout his career, Tom has always focused on academics and selling from a place of integrity. Most recently, he has completed original research and a PhD dissertation on Whole Life as a Fixed-Income Alternative under the advisement of industry thought leaders Wade Pfau, Michael Finke, and Steven Parrish. Tom lives in the Boston area with his two boys aged 10 & 7, and wants nothing more than to make a huge impact on as many emerging top advisors as he can.

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